Auckland Nightclub - Family
Updated: 03 Oct 2017
Auckland Nightclub - Family

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Auckland Nightclub - Family
Its a funny old law, the no-smoking onemaking bars completely re-evaluate how they use their floor space.

As a result of it, Family Bar took the unusual step of recessing its entrance before opening last year, effectively turning over a bunch of square meters to K Roads pavement.

The result was more than a smoking area, though. The small courtyard out frontthe one thats lit by a neon jukebox and flashing fairy lightswas Familys way of wearing its heart on its sleeve. That heart was very colourful, and very, very gay.

Id checked out Family before, from across the road while chugging on a shisha pipe outside a kebab house.

At that moment, it had singularly seemed to be K Roads most happening spot, overflowing with sound, colour and seven-foot-tall faafafine wearing dresses and cowboy hats.

Not everyones kind of place, perhaps, but a fun-looking one nonetheless. So, one Friday I sum up courage, drum up support and dive into a night at Family Bar.

The support had been lackingnobody would come with mebut, in the end, I am glad to be flying solo.

I chat to people, and take in the place. Some of its tackiness (pokies, for example) comes from the venues former existence as a seedy bar. The rest, such as the tinselly karaoke stage, is new.

The dcor is quite coolmoulded wall and funky lightingand the bar staff are as friendly as you like.

I quickly work out that Family isnt just a gay bar; rather, its an open-minded venue that, as the name suggests, is inclusive rather than exclusive. Then I start bumping into people I know.

First up are a couple of Euro girls who will remain nameless for the benefit of their male flatmate (hed be gutted).

Then theres a fella I met at the theatre two days earlier, and Malcolm, whose house Id nearly moved into.

The drinks are cheap; the company is good; theres a dance floor; hard house and a DJ who can mix. And theres a stageonto which Euro girl # 1 leads the charge.

One minute that stage is empty; the next its full. The folks on it, whipped up by the DJ, whip up the crowd below. And at about this time, Family starts to go off.

Were kicked offstage for a show after a whiledrag queens miming and dancing to Madonna. Then its back on, with a crowd thats in very high spirits and, increasingly, into each other. Its quite an eye-opener.

At about three, I call time on the night, pay a final visit to the loo (options: Kings and Queens) and leave via the front courtyard. And, no word of a lie, Ive had a royally good time.

Do you have a Birthday party or function to organise?
Here at Family bar, we have a large downstairs venue called Family Downunder That can suit your needs perfectly!
contact the by e-mail or the bar staff for more details. /
Organize your birthday with the Family Bar, and enjoy having a large venue for your occasion!

Or check out the website

270 Karangahape Road,
Hours Available
The Family Bar is open seven days/nights.
Auckland Nightclub - Family
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