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For NZ Escorts, NZ Brothels and NZ Adult Business owners presenting your business professionally is essential to success. If you put reasonable effort into presenting your business with flare and diligence you will reap the rewards!

Limiting options for your business will stunt its growth. Widespread online coverage will reach more potential clients than listing your profile with just one website. We understand clicks don't equal cash, phone calls, email & TXT do!

The internet is a big place and you want to get your name out there as best you can. Thousands of websites invite you to list with them for free! Look around and you will find some quality free websites. Some charging reasonable fees… and others who demand crazy prices from you.

Taking the time to write an informative description of your personality, attributes and service will really help attract clients.

A picture says a thousand words! Taking the time to get quality pictures for your internet presence is possibly the most important aspect to successfully advertising online.

If you're going to be in the industry for a year or more it's a good idea to invest in a website.

Read on to see what we deliver, contact us to learn more or register with us to build your profile now.

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Basic Profiles

Basic Profiles on TEDofNZ are the ideal way for ANY NZ adult business to start or increase online presence. Get yours now to access your free one week trial, just $30 per week there after.

HOTTEST Listings

The hottest listings are displayed on EVERY page on TEDofNZ and receive ten times as much traffic as a free profile. Please contact us to learn more.


Priority Profiles are ideal if you want to get placed in the best position. Please contact us to learn more.

Banner Advertising

TEDofNZ banner ads are the best way to get noticed. Please contact us to learn more.

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